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Florida Alimony Reform Update
OVER THE PAST few years, advocates of alimony reform have been lobbying aggressively to change Florida’s alimony laws. The biggest concern among advocates for reform appears to be that Florida law still allows for lifetime, permanent alimony. Reform advocates argue that such permanent, lifetime alimony can be detrimental to the paying party, particularly as the paying […]
Child Custody and Support Modification in Florida: 5 Facts You Should Know
WHEN COUPLES with minor children divorce, the parties often think they are “done” with legal matters related to the divorce once a final judgment is entered. What many people fail to consider is the likelihood of circumstances in their lives and their children’s lives changing over time. One parent may get offered a job in another […]
Can Your Spouse Use Confidential Sessions with Your Therapist Against You in Court?
Divorce cases, particularly those involving child custody issues, often can get nasty quickly when one spouse brings up the other’s mental health issues and attempts to compel their spouse’s psychotherapist to testify in court. The party in treatment may protest: “But you can’t do that, our sessions are supposed to be confidential!” Well, yes and […]