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Legal Services

Attorney Sandra Ambrose handles a variety of legal cases, including those which involve:

  • Spousal Support/Alimony Payments– spousal support/alimony payments are awarded based on need; there are no mandatory guidelines for establishing a proper amount or term of support. It is at the discretion of the court and therefore it is essential that you have an experienced law firm, like Ambrose Family Law, as your advocate.
  • Estate planning associated with divorce– If you are considering divorce, we encourage you to rewrite your will, update your trust and make changes to beneficiaries on insurance policies, bank accounts, investment accounts and the like. You will likely need to revise your advanced directives as well. Ambrose Family Law is here to discuss these matters with you and assist you with making the necessary changes.
  • Appeals– An appeal is a formal request for a higher court to clarify and interpret the law, as it was applied to your case. You may believe there was court bias, incorrect factual findings, abuse of power or failing to consider important evidence in your case. If you want to file an appeal of your divorce decree, it is urgent that we begin the process today.
  • Child custody and timesharing– The court considers many factors in child custody and timesharing, but ultimately they believe it is best for the child to have an on-going and supportive relationship with both parents. The best interest of the child is the guiding principle in all child-related matters in the Florida courts. Let us help you negotiate a parenting plan that meets the needs of your family.
  • Child support– Child support is the right of the child, not the parents. The State of Florida has adopted a formula to determine what each parent must pay to support their children after separation. This formula is based on many pieces of information and wrong information can make a significant difference in your child support order. Schedule a consultation today with Ambrose Family Law, to discuss this important matter.
  • Contempt and Enforcement of orders-It is not uncommon for a court order to be ignored or violated, resulting in contempt of court adjudications. For example, non-payment of child support or not following the parenting plan can result in sanctions from the court. If your ex-spouse is in violation or if you are being accused of being in violation of judgment, it is important that you have experienced representation. Ambrose Family Law can properly present the issues to the court. Call for an appointment to discuss your case.
  • Equitable distribution-Equitable Distribution is the division of assets and debt obligations during a divorce proceeding. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means the court determines what is fair and just in the division of your property and liabilities. We can answer all of your questions and be your advocate, for the best possible outcome.
  • Pre and Post-nuptial agreements– A pre or post-nuptial agreement can secure your financial future in the event that your marriage is in jeopardy. It is a contract that pre-determines your liability and asset distribution after the marriage. It is important that both parties are represented by attorneys with knowledge and experience in this matter. Contact the Ambrose Family Law to discuss your options.
  • Relocation– Moving away from a co-parent will require a revision of child custody, child support, and visitation orders. It is important to have the least disruptive solution for the well being of the child. Call Ambrose Family Law to negotiate the terms of a new agreement that is beneficial for the parents and the children.
  • Settlement Agreements– If you and your spouse are able to agree on all the pertinent matters in a divorce, this contract can be written, signed and presented to the court for review. The judge will determine if the terms are fair and if so, it will become the binding terms of your divorce agreement. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney, like Ambrose Family Law, to discuss and prepare these contracts.
  • Modifications– Divorce modification is the process of amending a court order if there are substantial changes in your circumstances. Let us assist you with reaching your goals by making a strong case for modification.
  • Parenting plans– A parenting plan is essential during a divorce when there are children involved. It is a document, approved by the court, which details the duties of both parents for custody, visitation, and other responsibilities. Ambrose Family Law has extensive experience in developing plans that will meet your children’s needs.
  • Paternity– Paternity law refers to the legal relationship between a child and his biological father. Paternity is a factor in establishing child support, custody and visitation and has important implications for inheritance matters. We encourage you to contact our office and schedule a consultation to discuss legal actions regarding paternity.