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Our Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator Can Help Resolve Your Family Conflict

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator

Mediation is one type of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is utilized in the legal system in the State of Florida for conflict resolution. It is required in every family law case before a court will set the matter for trial. It is an effective complement to the judicial system, whereby a neutral third party assists the parties in conflict resolution, with the goal of reaching a settlement of their family law issues. This can be accomplished before the filing of legal actions or during the proceedings as well. Statistics show that approximately 80% of cases settle in or just after the mediation process is concluded. With that kind of success rate, it is really an invaluable process for people to settle what can be a painful situation and move on with their lives. The process is less costly than trial and done in an informal setting than a court proceeding, to facilitate the resolution of the parties’ differences regarding equitable distribution of assets and debts, child issues and other family law matters.

A Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator meets comprehensive statewide standards and is prepared to assist others in settling family law disputes, often in high conflict cases. In addition to specific training and educational requirements, the qualification of a Certified Family Law Mediator includes a commitment to the highest ethical standards of a neutral party. A Certified Family Law Mediator inspires trust through confidential discussions with both parties, is empathetic, respectful and dedicated to reaching a resolution that reflects the wishes of the parties.

Sandra K. Ambrose’s experience as a family law attorney for over thirty five years along with her ten years as a General Magistrate in the family law division of the Seminole County Courts sets her apart from other family law mediators and allows her to bring her experience behind the bench and as a litigator to your family law mediation. She will work diligently to assist families in conflict to reach their goals with clearly defined expectations established from the beginning. Ambrose Family Law can help you navigate the stress of family law issues, working towards solutions that are right for your family. Contact the office to schedule your mediation. Call today at (407) 388- 8740.