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Mother with childIf you and the child’s other parent were never married, it is very important for you to understand your rights. In Florida, the current laws provide that the Mother of a child born to an unmarried couple has ultimate control over the child. There are actions which can be taken by the Father to secure his rights and bear his responsibility with the child.

Unless there is a court order, though, child support and enforcement of payment of support is not mandated under the law, so while the child’s Mother has control over the child, she also may be required to bear all financial responsibility for the child as well.

If you think you may be the father of a child but have not be declared to be the legal father and want to assert your rights with regard to that child, please contact our office today to discuss your case. Alternatively, if you are the mother of a child born while you were unmarried to the child’s father and want to ensure the father bears some legal responsibility for the child, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Ms. Ambrose to discuss legal actions you can take.